A modern WordPress theme for professional websites.


Unakit is a WordPress Theme published under the GPL v3 (or later) License.

Download it for free from wordpress.org or find „Unakit“ in your Website’s dashboard.

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Responsive Design

Unakit is a responsive WordPress Theme that adapts to your visitors’ screen size. With your website optimized for mobile devices and large screens, visitors in all situations are more likely to spend additional time on your site and to convert to customers.


Unakit aims to provide the best user experience possible for all visitors. This includes special attention and features for those facing difficulties while navigating the web. However, it also means reducing clutter and simplifying the often-overwhelming styling of the web to present your content in a sensible and easy to read layout. After all, an accessible website provides the quickest paths to your solutions and allow all visitors to focus on what’s important.

Gutenberg Support

WordPress’s new and improving Gutenberg Editor enables you to create more flexible content than ever, with a better performance than most other page builders. The Unakit WordPress Theme natively supports Gutenberg.

Browser Compatibility

Your professional WordPress homepage’s functionality and design should be consistent in all common browsers, not only in the most recent ones. Unakit uses modern, but not experimental or work-in-progress features. This creates a performant website that can be displayed in as many browsers as possible. With Unakit you can prevent missing features and broken designs in your WP Theme.

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Create a website that fits your design. With custom colors, layout options and font selections in different sections of the page, Unakit will integrate your WordPress Website seamlessly into your brand.

Performance and Privacy

Performance and privacy are key in providing a professional user experience. Unakit offers top performance and minimizes requests to third party servers. The theme is natively GDPR-ready and does not require you to ask for consent or disable any features.

Compare Features

Unakit Basic


available in the official WordPress Directory

A basic version for beautiful, customizable and fully functional websites with high standards on usability and stability.

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Extended Browser Compatibility
  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Native Gutenberg Support
  • Optimized Performance & Privacy
  • Basic Customizability

If you choose Unakit Basic, you can start a free trial of Unakit Professional in your WordPress Dashboard.

Unakit Professional

$5.45 / €4.95

per month & site if paid yearly, incl. VAT

An extended package for professionally branded websites, optimized design workflows and further extensibility.

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Extended Browser Compatibility
  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Native Gutenberg Support
  • Optimized Performance & Privacy
  • Extended Customizability
  • Custom Editor Palette
  • Additional Branding Features
  • Code Extensibility
  • Individual Support
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Things You Might Want to Know

Both Unakit Basic and Unakit Professional are fully functional WordPress Themes. A website designed with any Unakit version meets the full WordPress standards in terms of a modern, consistent presentation, stability, usability, and compatibility.

Unakit Basic is best used for personal projects, non-commercial-websites, or just getting used to the theme before buying the Professional version.

Unakit Professional is the choice for professional use cases and commercial websites, like company homepages, as well as for everyone who values their time and effort. It allows easier branding to fit into your existing corporate design, provides additional customizations for more individual layouts, and adds tools to save time on creating contents. It is also impressively customizable and extensible via code, which allows you to easily integrate custom solutions.

Download and install Unakit Basic. You will be able to activate a free trial inside your WordPress Dashboard. The trial is risk-free and does not require payment details. You can also choose to upgrade to Unakit Professional from your WordPress-Dashboard during or after the trial.

If your trial already expired, but you need to have another look, feel free to contact me, so I can renew your trial period.

Freemius is a platform that helps me manage distribution, licensing and payments of my WordPress products. This means I can spend more time on developing the products instead of dealing with business transactions. With your consent, Freemius also provides analytical data about how my products are used and what I can do to improve them.

If you want to purchase Unakit Professional, but you’re uncomfortable to use the platform, contact me to arrange an individual solution.

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